Type-Aware Web Service Composition Using Boolean Satisfiability Solver

  title={Type-Aware Web Service Composition Using Boolean Satisfiability Solver},
  author={Wonhong Nam and Hyunyoung Kil and Dongwon Lee},
  journal={2008 10th IEEE Conference on E-Commerce Technology and the Fifth IEEE Conference on Enterprise Computing, E-Commerce and E-Services},
The goal of the Web Service Composition (WSC) problem is to find an optimal "composition" of web services to satisfy a given request using their syntactic and/or semantic features, when no single service satisfies it. In this paper, in particular, we study the WSC problem from semantic aspects, exploiting the supertype-subtype relationship among parameters, and propose a novel solutionbased on techniques for the boolean satisfiability problem (SAT). Given a set of web service descriptions and a… CONTINUE READING
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