Type 2 innate lymphoid cells drive CD4+ Th2 cell responses.

  title={Type 2 innate lymphoid cells drive CD4+ Th2 cell responses.},
  author={Ananda S. Mirchandani and Anne-Gaelle Besnard and Edwin K K Yip and Charlotte M Scott and Calum C Bain and Vuk Cerovic and Robert J Salmond and Foo Yew Eddy Liew},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={192 5},
CD4(+) T cells have long been grouped into distinct helper subsets on the basis of their cytokine-secretion profile. In recent years, several subsets of innate lymphoid cell have been described as key producers of these same Th-associated cytokines. However, the functional relationship between Th cells and innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) remains unclear. We show in this study that lineage-negative ST2(+)ICOS(+)CD45(+) type 2 ILCs and CD4(+) T cells can potently stimulate each other's function via… CONTINUE READING

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