Type 2 diabetes mellitus, its treatment and risk for lymphoma.

  title={Type 2 diabetes mellitus, its treatment and risk for lymphoma.},
  author={Joan R. Fortuny and Yolanda Benavente and Ram{\'o}n Bosch and Mercedes Garc{\'i}a-Villanueva and Alberto Fern{\'a}ndez de Sevilla and Silvia de Sanjos{\'e}},
  journal={European journal of cancer},
  volume={41 12},
In this study, we have investigated a potential association between Type 2 diabetes mellitus and its treatment with the risk of lymphoma. Here, we report on 565 incident lymphoma (non-Hodgkin and Hodgkin), multiple myeloma, and chronic lymphocytic leukemia cases and 601 hospital controls in a Spanish multicentric case-control study. Information on diabetes mellitus diagnosis and treatment was obtained through personal interview together with information on other known or putative risk factors… CONTINUE READING

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