Type 2 diabetes—time to change our approach

  title={Type 2 diabetes—time to change our approach},
  author={The Lancet},
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  • T. Lancet
  • Published 2 July 2010
  • Medicine
  • The Lancet
Diabetes care in the dispersed population of Greenland. A new model based on continued monitoring, analysis and adjustment of initiatives taken
  • M. L. Pedersen
  • Medicine
    International journal of circumpolar health
  • 2019
The overall aim of this review was to review the feasibility of the monitoring of an ongoing national diabetes care programme in Greenland and it was clear that monitoring of such a programme based on information in electronic medical records in Greenland was feasible.
Correlation between glycemic control markers and lipid profile in type 2 diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose tolerance
Diagnosis of T2DM, IGT and associated dyslipidema is necessary as life style modification and pharmacotherapy can control these situations and thereby reduce the cardiovascular risk.
Decoding the Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic in Rural India
Several cultural, socioeconomic, and political factors appear to contribute to diabetes in rural regions of India, highlighting the need to address structural inequities and empower individuals to pursue health and well-being on their own terms.
Future Doctors' Perceptions about Incorporating Nutrition into Standard Care Practice
These findings demonstrate that future physicians are aware of the importance of considering nutrition counseling and assessment, however, students are unlikely to adequately integrate relevant nutritional information into their treatment protocols, evidenced by their limited use of a basic nutritional assessment.
Physical Inactivity, Obesity, and Type 2 Diabetes: An Evolutionary Perspective
This article calls for a new prevention and treatment paradigm, in which exercise and weight control are essential and for which an inexpensive and acceptably accurate measure of body muscle and fat proportions is needed.
Type 2 diabetes and the double burden of malnutrition in rural south India: A mixed-methods examination of a public health crisis
This paper aims to demonstrate the efforts towards in-situ applicability of EMMARM, which aims to provide real-time information about the phytochemical properties of milk protein and its importance in human health and animal health.
Clinical Study Resveratrol Promotes Foot Ulcer Size Reduction in Type 2 Diabetes Patients
This paper presents a meta-modelling procedure called “spot-spot analysis”, which quantifies the number of cells in the immune system that respond to a substance such as cocaine or heroin.
Multi-level preventive care for Type 2 diabetes
It is demonstrated that the cost effectiveness with a classical discounted net present value perspective does not imply cost effectiveness for long-run planning, and that joint optimization of a portfolio of interventions can have benefits relative to the sequential optimization of interventions individually.
Nutrition Education in an Era of Global Obesity and Diabetes: Thinking Outside the Box.
  • D. Eisenberg, J. Burgess
  • Medicine
    Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges
  • 2015
The authors assess what elements of self-care should or should not be required within future curricula and certification exams, and consider how best to educate trainees about diet and how to "translate" nutrition, exercise, and behavioral science knowledge into practical advice.
Trajectories of body mass index amongst children who develop type 2 diabetes as adults
The aim of this study was to examine the trajectories of childhood growth associated with T2D.