Tympanosclerosis Presenting as Mass: Workup and Differential


Introduction. Tympanosclerosis is a commonly encountered entity within ENT clinics and primary care settings. Recognizing ear pathology is essential for correct management. Oftentimes the diagnosis is clear; however in certain cases further workup to rule out other more insidious disease processes is warranted. Case Report. We present a case of tympanosclerosis which presented as an ear mass without classic appearance of tympanosclerosis. Through imaging and biopsy the diagnosis of tympanosclerosis was made. The patient was treated surgically with good outcome. Discussion. Various ear pathologies, with different treatment algorithms, may present as clinically similar to one another. Differential diagnosis for this case included tympanosclerosis, cholesteatoma, or other middle ear masses. We review these entities and discuss their pathophysiology and implications on management.

DOI: 10.1155/2016/9821493

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