Tympanic-membrane perforation as a marker of concussive brain injury in Iraq.


n engl j med 357;8 www.nejm.org august 23, 2007 830 CI, 1.42 to 5.72) in the third quartile, and 4.47 (95% CI, 2.30 to 8.72) in the fourth quartile, as compared with the lowest quartile (Fig. 1). The subgroup with NT-proBNP measurements was not large enough to determine whether there was any interaction with the effects of perindopril. Future clinical trials assessing mortality and morbidity in such patients should consider the use of NT-proBNP levels to guide the selection of patients, which would allow for the recruitment of patients with coexisting noncardiac illnesses but with a high risk of cardiovascular events and for the exclusion of low-risk patients who have little to gain from treatment.

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