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Tylenchid nematodes found on the Nunatak Basen, East Antarctica

  title={Tylenchid nematodes found on the Nunatak Basen, East Antarctica},
  author={Aleksandr {\^u}r'evi{\vc} Ryss and Sven Bostr{\"o}m and Bj{\"o}rn Sohlenius},
  journal={Annales Zoologici},
— One new, four known and one unidentified species of tylenchid nematodes are described from samples collected on the nunatak Basen, Vestfjella, Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica. Apratylenchoides joenssoni sp. nov. differs from the only other known species of Apratylenchoides, A. belli Sher, 1973, in having a pumpkin-like spermatheca, shorter dorsal gland lobe, longer tail, and crenate tail tip. Pratylenchus andinus Lordello, Zamith et Boock, 1961, Tylenchorhynchus maximus Allen, 1955… 

Nematodes from saline and freshwater lakes of the Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica, including the description of Hypodontolaimus antarcticus sp. n.

Some nematodes are described from freshwater and saline, marine-derived lakes of the Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica, which contained the widespread East Antarctic endemic species, Plectus frigophilus Kirjanova, 1958.

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The rare genus Apratylenchoides Sher, 1973 (Nematoda: Pratylenchidae) from faba bean in Iran

The Iranian population of A. homoglans is morphologically and morphometrically similar to the original population and the minor difference observed on the range of post-vulval uterine sac could be explained by differences in geographically distributed regions.

Morphological and molecular characterisation of Pratylenchus rwandae n. sp. (Tylenchida: Pratylenchidae) associated with maize in Rwanda

The results of the phylogenetic analyses based on sequences of the D2-D3 expansion regions of 28S, partial 18S and ITS of rDNA and COI of mitochondrial DNA indicate that P. rwandae n.

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The province of Bingol, a mountainous area located in the East Anatolian Region of Turkey, has limited agricultural land but large intermountain pastures supporting the main economic resource of the