Tycho Brahe at the University of Copenhagen, 1559-1562

  title={Tycho Brahe at the University of Copenhagen, 1559-1562},
  author={J. Christianson},
  pages={198 - 203}
at Knutstorp, which still stands in the old Danish province of Scania.1 He was raised in the household of his paternal uncle, J0rgen Brahe, royal governor of the diocese of Fyn, and learned his Latin and catechism from a tutor, beginning at the age of seven.2 At twelve, Tycho Brahe was ready to enter the University of Copenhagen. He came to town on 19 April 1559.3 No realm in Christendom, said Philip Melanchthon, outshone Denmark in learned men at that time.4 Fifteen of the most learned were… Expand
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