Txtng: the Gr8 Db8

  title={Txtng: the Gr8 Db8},
  author={David Crystal and Edward McLachlan},
List of Cartoons 1. The Hype About Texting 2. How Weird is Texting? 3. What is Distinctive About it? 4. Why do They do it? 5. Who Texts? 6. What do They Text About? 7. How do Other Languages do it? 8. Why all the Fuss? Glossary Appendix Index 


The renowned linguist David Crystal, Emmeritus Professor at the University of Wales, in this interview to Mike Pilewski, provides answers to crucial questions on the technologies’ impacts on our

I Can haz Stail: a Language Style of LOLcat Meme in icanhas.cheezburger.com

The viral phenomenon of LOLcat meme makes many researchers study this internet meme. Although its words and sentences are unconventional, people can apply this unconventional English so that the meme

NetSpeakWrite: A New Breed of Communication

It is recommended that this new language—here dubbed NetWrite—should be studied on its own unique terms rather than by its effect (or lack thereof) on traditional English.

The Impact of Texting on Comprehension

This paper presents a study of the effects of texting on English language comprehension. The authors believe that English used in texting causes a lack of comprehension for English speakers,

Texting versus txtng: reading and writing text messages, and links with other linguistic skills

The media buzzes with assertions that the popular use of text-message abbreviations, or textisms (such as r for are) is masking or even causing literacy problems. This study examined the use and

Structured abbreviation expansion in context

This work generates a large, open-source data set of ad hoc abbreviations, used to study abbreviation strategies and to develop two strong baselines for abbreviation expansion.

Internet Language: An Investigation into the Features of Textisms in an ESL/EFL Context

In recent years, the prevalence of mobile communication has given rise to a new writing style that is an amalgam of oral and written modes. The rapid growth of Textisms arouses curiosity, fear, and

“i didn’t spel that wrong did i. Oops”: Analysis and normalisation of SMS spelling variation

The VARD2 tool was used to analyse and normalise the spelling variation in a corpus of over 11,000 SMSes collected in the UK between 2004 and 2007 and to place the spelling variants found in the SMS corpus into functional categories; the ultimate aim being to create a taxonomy of SMS spelling.

Evolution of Writing from Old English to Texting Language

Texting as a verb in the act of sending and receiving short messages (SMS) has entered the English lexicon. This paper is a study on texting lexis or textese (Crystal, 2008a, 2008b) in unsolicited

The Influence of Netspeak on Students' Writing

This study on Netspeak writes about words or phrases that are abbreviated and used frequently by Internet users. Language incorporates explosive items which need special care when handling the