Twt Amplifier Using a Ferroelectric Cathode for Electron Beam Generation


We report first experiments on high-power traveling wave amplifiers using an electron beam generated with a ferroelectric cathode. The electron beam, which is driven by a ferrite core transformer-pulse line system, has energy of 440 keV and a beam current of 40-50 Amperes. The beam pulse duration is about 250 ns and the system is operated at 0.07 Hz. The beam is generated from a command switched ferroelectric cathode located in the fringing field of a solenoid. A single stage disk loaded TWT structure is used as the ~9GHz amplifier. A gain of 10 dB is observed over the frequency range from 8.9 to 9.4 GHz. The main purpose of the experiment is to demonstrate that the ferroelectric generated beam is of good enough quality for microwave amplification in X band, and to pave the way for use of this cathode in future high power microwave source experiments. We compare the results obtained using this system with the output from a PIC code simulation.

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