Two years at Meridiani Planum: results from the Opportunity Rover.

  title={Two years at Meridiani Planum: results from the Opportunity Rover.},
  author={Steve Squyres and Andrew H Knoll and Raymond E. Arvidson and Ben C. Clark and John P. Grotzinger and Bradley L. Jolliff and S M McLennan and Nicoletta Tosca and Jim F. Bell and Wendy M. Calvin and William H. Farrand and Timothy D. Glotch and Matthew P. Golombek and Kenneth E Herkenhoff and J. Robert Johnson and G{\"o}star Klingelh{\"o}fer and H Y McSween and Albert S. Yen},
  volume={313 5792},
The Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has spent more than 2 years exploring Meridiani Planum, traveling approximately 8 kilometers and detecting features that reveal ancient environmental conditions. These include well-developed festoon (trough) cross-lamination formed in flowing liquid water, strata with smaller and more abundant hematite-rich concretions than those seen previously, possible relict "hopper crystals" that might reflect the formation of halite, thick weathering rinds on rock… CONTINUE READING

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