Two types of hydrocarbon chain interdigitation in sphingomyelin bilayers.

  title={Two types of hydrocarbon chain interdigitation in sphingomyelin bilayers.},
  author={Ira W. Levin and Thomas E. Thompson and Yechezkel Chezy Barenholz and C. Huang},
  volume={24 22},
Vibrational Raman spectroscopic experiments have been performed as a function of temperature on aqueous dispersions of synthetic DL-erythro-N-lignoceroylsphingosylphosphocholine [C(24):SPM], a racemic mixture of two highly asymmetric hydrocarbon chain length sphingomyelins. Raman spectral peak-height intensity ratios of vibrational transitions in the C-H stretching-mode region show that the C(24):SPM-H2O system undergoes two thermal phase transitions centered at 48.5 and 54.5 degrees C… CONTINUE READING

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