Two triterpenoids from roots of Glycyrrhiza yunnanensis

  title={Two triterpenoids from roots of Glycyrrhiza yunnanensis},
  author={L. Zeng and Ru-yi Zhang and D. Wang and Z. Lou},
Abstract Two new oleanane triterpenoids, named glyyunnansapogenins C and E, together with the known compound macedonic acid, were isolated from roots of Glycyrrhiza yunnanensis. The structures of glyyunnansapogenins C and E were established as 3β-hydroxy-16-oxo-oleana-11,13(18)-dien-30-oic acid and 3β,21α,24-trihydroxy-oleana-11,13(18)-dien-29-oic acid, respectively, by spectroscopic methods and chemical transformations. 
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