Two-terminal nanoelectromechanical devices based on germanium nanowires.

  title={Two-terminal nanoelectromechanical devices based on germanium nanowires.},
  author={Jana Andzane and N. Petkov and Aleksandrs I Livshits and John J Boland and Justin D Holmes and Donats Erts},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={9 5},
A two-terminal bistable device, having both ON and OFF regimes, has been demonstrated with Ge nanowires using an in situ TEM-STM technique. The function of the device is based on delicately balancing electrostatic, elastic, and adhesion forces between the nanowires and the contacts, which can be controlled by the applied voltage. The operation and failure conditions of the bistable device were investigated, i.e. the influence of nanowire diameter, the surface oxide layer on the nanowires and… CONTINUE READING
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