Two-step nucleation of amyloid fibrils: omnipresent or not?

  title={Two-step nucleation of amyloid fibrils: omnipresent or not?},
  author={Stefan Auer and Piero Ricchiuto and Dimo Kashchiev},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={422 5},
Amyloid protein fibrils feature in various diseases and nanotechnological products. Currently, it is debated whether they nucleate in one step (i.e., directly from the protein solution) or in two steps (step one being the appearance of nonfibrillar oligomers in the solution and step two being the oligomer conversion into fibrils). We employ nucleation theory to gain insight into the idiosyncrasy of two-step fibril nucleation and to determine the conditions under which this process can take… CONTINUE READING