Two-step melting of the Weeks-Chandler-Anderson system in two dimensions.

  title={Two-step melting of the Weeks-Chandler-Anderson system in two dimensions.},
  author={Shubhendu Shekhar Khali and Dipanjan Chakraborty and Debasish Chaudhuri},
  journal={Soft matter},
We present a detailed numerical simulation study of a two-dimensional system of particles interacting via the Weeks-Chandler-Anderson potential, the repulsive part of the Lennard-Jones potential. With the reduction of density, the system shows a two-step melting: a continuous melting of solid to hexatic phase, followed by a first-order melting of hexatic to liquid. The solid-hexatic melting is consistent with the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless-Halperin-Nelson-Young (BKTHNY) scenario and shows… Expand
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It is found that the hard-disk system melts directly from a two-dimensional solid with long-range orientational order to an isotropic liquid with no intervening hexatic phase. Expand
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