Two-stage design of multirate &#x210B;<inf>&#x221E;</inf> optimal controllers


A new methodology is presented for the design of &#x210B;<sub>&#x221E;</sub> optimal multirate controllers. A key feature of the proposed approach is the design of the slow rate part of the multirate controller via lifting and &#x210B;<sub>&#x221E;</sub> optimization. This approach addresses potential problems of aliasing due to the multirate controller by… (More)

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@article{Lox0301pezLox0301pez2010TwostageDO, title={Two-stage design of multirate ℋ optimal controllers}, author={Sergio Lox0301pez-Lox0301pez and Athanasios Sideris and Jie Yu}, journal={Proceedings of the 2010 American Control Conference}, year={2010}, pages={2647-2652} }