Two species of Dorylaimids (Nematoda) from waterbodies of Vietnam

  title={Two species of Dorylaimids (Nematoda) from waterbodies of Vietnam},
  author={Vladimir G. Gagarin and Vladimir A. Gusakov},
  journal={Inland Water Biology},
  pages={176 - 183}
The new species Crocodorylaimus minor sp. n. is described, and Aporcella maitai (Yeates, 1967) comb. n. is redescribed. C. minor sp. n. resembles C. dadayi (Thorne et Schwanger, 1936), but differs from it in a shorter body, shorter odontostyle, absence of vulvar papillae, slenderer tail in females, and shorter spicules. Aporcelaimellus maitai Yeates, 1967 is transfered to the genus Aporcella Andrássy, 2002, taking the name Aporcella maitai (Yeates, 1967) comb. n. Aporcelaimellus heynsi Baqri et… 

Two new species of free-living nematodes of the genus Dorylaimoides Thorne, Swanger, 1939 from fresh waterbodies of Vietnam

Morphologically, D. vietnamicus sp.

Three new species of the genus Aporcelaimoides Heyns, 1965 from Vietnam (Nematoda, Dorylaimida, Aporcelaimidae), with an updated taxonomy of the genus

Three new species of Aporcelaimoides from natural habitats in Vietnam are studied, described and illustrated, including line drawings, LM and/or SEM pictures, and a tabular compendium with the most important morphometric features are presented.