Two pathways control chromaffin cell cortical F-actin dynamics during exocytosis.

  title={Two pathways control chromaffin cell cortical F-actin dynamics during exocytosis.},
  author={J-M. Trifar{\'o} and Sergio D Ros{\'e} and Tatiana Lejen and Abdelbaset A. Elzagallaai},
  volume={82 4},
Neurosecretory cells including chromaffin cells possess a mesh of filamentous actin underneath the plasma membrane. We have proposed that the F-actin network acts as a barrier to the secretory vesicles blocking their access to exocytotic sites at the plasma membrane. Disassembly of cortical F-actin in chromaffin cells in response to stimulation is thought to allow the free movement of secretory vesicles to exocytotic sites. Moreover, experiments by us using morphometric analysis of resting and… CONTINUE READING
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