Two overlooked oracles

  title={Two overlooked oracles},
  author={D. Klotz},
  journal={The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology},
  pages={247 - 254}
  • D. Klotz
  • Published 2010
  • Art
  • The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology
  • New readings proposed for two Late Period stelae reveal additional evidence for divine oracles. In JE 72130, Nectanebo I relates how the goddess Nehmetaway proclaimed his future kingship through an oracle, not a public hieros-gamos ritual as Roeder had suggested. JE 53147 (Bucheum Stela 9), informs us that the new Buchis was chosen by the statue of Amenope during a ritual procession in Luxor, possibly from among a pool of qualified taurian candidates. 


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