Two novel fully functional isoforms of CX3CR1 are potent HIV coreceptors.

  title={Two novel fully functional isoforms of CX3CR1 are potent HIV coreceptors.},
  author={Alexandre Garin and Nadine Tarantino and Sophie Faure and Mehdi Daoudi and C{\'e}dric L{\'e}cureuil and Anne Bourdais and Patrice Debr{\'e} and Philippe Deterre and Christophe Combadi{\`e}re},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={171 10},
We identified two novel isoforms of the human chemokine receptor CX3CR1, produced by alternative splicing and with N-terminal regions extended by 7 and 32 aa. Expression of the messengers coding these isoforms, compared with that of previously described V28 messengers, is lower in monocytes and NK cells, but higher in CD4(+) T lymphocytes. CX3CR1 and its extended isoforms were expressed in HEK-293 cells and compared for expression, ligand binding, and cellular responses. In steady state… CONTINUE READING

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