Two new species of Tanaopsis (Tanaidacea: Tanaopsidae) from Admiralty Bay (Antarctica), with an identification key

  title={Two new species of Tanaopsis (Tanaidacea: Tanaopsidae) from Admiralty Bay (Antarctica), with an identification key},
  author={Juliana Lopes Segadilha and Catarina De L. Ara{\'u}jo-Silva},
Two new species of family Tanaopsidae, genus Tanaopsis, from Admiralty Bay (Antarctica) are herein described. Tanaopsis brevicorpus sp. nov. displays antennule article 1 about 1.5 times as long as wide, carapace as long as first three pereonites, both rami of uropod biarticulate with fusion line, and pleotelson short, more than twice longer than wide. Tanaopsis bamberi sp. nov. resembles other Antarctic species T. kerguelenensis in its habitus, antennule long and uropod uniarticulate. However… Expand

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