Two new species of Nicomache (Polychaeta: Maldanidae) from the Southwest Atlantic

  title={Two new species of Nicomache (Polychaeta: Maldanidae) from the Southwest Atlantic},
  author={J. D. Assis and Carmen Alonso Samiguel and M. Christoffersen},
Two new maldanid polychaetes were collected from the Ponta do Cabo Branco beach, Paraiba, Brazil, and represent the first record of the genus Nicomache for the southwest Atlantic. Nicomache (Nicomache) lanai sp. nov. has 22 setigerous segments, two pre-anal asetigerous segments, a dark beige colour on setigers 4–17, an anteriorly rounded prostomium forming a tall, arched keel, elliptical nuchal grooves that open posteriorly, 4–7 acicular spines on setigers 1–3, and an anal funnel with… Expand
Phylogenetic analysis of Petaloptoctus (Maldanidae: Polychaeta), with description of a new species from southeastern Brazil
The genus Petaloproctus is monophyletic, and is supported by a strongly arched prostomium, pinnate capillary setae, and an anal cup with a reduced dorsal border, and Monophyly of Micromaldane and Nicomache was also supported in the analysis. Expand
Nicomache (Loxochona) lokii sp. nov. (Annelida: Polychaeta: Maldanidae) from the Loki’s Castle vent field: an important structure builder in an Arctic vent system
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Lumbriclymene interstricta comb. nov. with a taxonomic key and a catalogue for all species of Lumbriclymene (Maldanidae, Polychaeta)
In this paper, we transfer Nicomache interstricta Ehlers, 1908 to Lumbriclymene Sars, 1872 based on a redescription of the type-specimen. We provide new illustrations for the species and newExpand
Phylogenetic relationships within Maldanidae (Capitellida, Annelida), based on morphological characters
The Maldanidae annelid worms are reviewed and the phylogenetic relationships of their subgroups provided, based on Hennigian principles and maximum parsimony, and Arenicolidae remains the sister-group of Maldanaceae, and both should be referred to Maldanomorpha. Expand
This list of polychaetous annelids collected along of the coast of the State of Paraiba, Brazil is the first attempt to describe the diversity of marinepolychaetes in the authors' region. Expand
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