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Two new species of Hyalorbilia from Taiwan

  title={Two new species of Hyalorbilia from Taiwan},
  author={梁世雄 and M. Wu and Y. C. Su and H. O. Braral and Shih-hsiung Liang},
During our study of orbiliaceous fungi from southern Taiwan, two uncommon taxa referable to the genus Hyalorbilia growing on the bark of decayed undetermined wet branches of broadleaved trees were collected. They are here described as new species, Hyalorbila arcuata and H. biguttulata. Hyalorbilia arcuata collected from 800-1500 m altitude is characterized by strongly curved ascospores, while H. biguttulata collected from 800 m altitude has two large globose spore bodies in broadly ellipsoid… 

Four new species of Orbiliaceae from Yunnan, China

During the fungal survey in YongPing County, Dali area in southwest China, a total of 50 specimens of Orbiliaceae were collected. Among them, were four apparently uncommon taxa growing on bark and

Pseudorbilia gen . nov . ( Orbiliaceae ) from Yunnan , China

A new orbiliaceous fungus, Pseudorbilia bipolaris gen. et sp. nov., is described. This fungus was collected from decayed coniferous wood on the floor of a semi-tropical forest in YiLiang County,

Taxonomy of Dactylella complex and Vermispora. I. Generic concepts based on morphology and ITS sequences data

All the tested strains cluster into three monophylogenic clades corresponding to three genera, e.g. Dactylella, Vermispora and a distinct group comprising species with very short conidiophores.

New records and new distribution of known species in the family Orbiliaceae from China

During the survey of the distribution of Orbiliaceae since the summer of 2005, three new records including Orbilia xanthostigma, Orbilia tenebricosa, Hyalorbilia fusispora and new distribution of five known HyAlorbilia species are reported, which provided clearer illustrations.

2 Pezizomycotina: Pezizomycetes0 Pezizomycetes, Orbiliomycetes0 Orbiliomycetes

Of note in the class is the multiple origin of hypogeous taxa, nearly all of which occur within clades that are known to be mycorrhizal.

“The story so far...” An Interim Bibliography of Hans-Otto Baral for the Years 1981-2014

Hans-Otto Baral, aka “Zotto”, has contributed a vast amount of papers and digital publications which have inspired not only his academic colleagues but also the community of amateur mycologists,

DISCOMYCETES: the apothecial representatives of the phylum Ascomycota

A historical perspective of discomycetes is provided, notes on their morphology (including both asexual and sexual morphs), ecology and importance, an outline of disComycete families and a synoptical cladogram of currently accepted families in AscomyCota showing their systematic position are provided.



Some Orbilia Species New to Taiwan

While investigating the saprophytic ascomycetes in Taiwan, three species of Orbilia have been collected from Fushan Botanical Garden and Huisun Forestry Station at elevations between 650-750 m.

A new species

Lepidiota brittoni sp. n. is described from specimens of both sexes taken 10 km northeast of Wingham in central coastal New South Wales.

Notes on ascomycete systematics : Nos 3304–3579

Discomycetes and Tuberales

Notes on ascomycete systematics : Nos 3580-3623

Arthrobotrys yunnanensis sp. nov., the fourth anamorph of Orbilia auricolor

A new species of predacious fungi, Arthrobotrys yunnanensis, is described and illustrated as the fourth anamorph of Orbilia auricolor. The fungus produces simple, erect conidiophores with several

A New Species Megabruchidius sophorae (Coleoptera, Bruchidae), Feeding on Seeds of Styphnolobium (Fabaceae) New to Bruchidae

The character state of the host for this third Megabruchidius species supports that the genus is ancestral, at least in the subfamily Bruchinae.

Orbiliaceous fungi from Tibet, China

  • Fungal Diversity
  • 2006