Two new species of Blechnum (Blechnaceae) from the neotropics

  title={Two new species of Blechnum (Blechnaceae) from the neotropics},
  author={Alexander Fco. Rojas-Alvarado},
Blechnum moranianum is a new species similar toB. loxense, andB. nigrum is segregated from theB. fragile complex. Both are described and illustrated as result of the author's taxonomic fern work in Costa Rica.AbstractBlechnum moranianum es una especie nueva similar aB. loxense, yB. nigrum es segregada del complejoB. fragile. Ambas son aquí descritas e ilustradas como resultado de los trabajos taxonómicos del autor en los helechos de Costa Rica. 
Two New Species of the Fern Genus Blechnum with Partially Anastomosing Veins from Northern Brazil
Two new species of Blechnum from Para State, northern Brazil are described along with a diagnostic key and illustrations:Blechnum areolatum and B. longipilosum (Blechnaceae), which belong to the B. occidentale L. complex.
Phylogenetics and historical biogeography of Lomaridium(Blechnaceae: Polypodiopsida)
The phylogenetic relationships and the historical biogeography of the species of Lomaridium, a genus including most of the hemiepiphytic species in the Blechnaceae, are unraveled, suggesting that the early history of the family was complex biogeographically, with extensive long-distance dispersal events.
Spore morphology and ornamentation in the genus Blechnum (Blechnaceae)
It is emphasised that any eventual subdivision of the genus Blechnum must include characters of the sporophyte as well as spore features to ensure a more robust classification than the previously proposed.


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La obra resulta de gran importancia para la identificacion de materiales en diversos estados de la republica mexicana.
The Pteridophytes of Mexico
This engaging and information-packed volume on the arrival and impact of plants that the Europeans brought to the New World and the arrival with them of their favorite plants is a thoroughly researched and readable book that will interest all readers of this journal.
Una nueva especie de Blechnum L . ( Blechnaceae ) en el Neotr 6 pico
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Ferns of Jamaica. A Guide to the Pteridophytes.
Ferns of Jamaica: A guide to the Pteridophytes