Two new icetexane diterpenoids from Salvia przewalskii.

  title={Two new icetexane diterpenoids from Salvia przewalskii.},
  author={Gang Xu and Li-yan Peng and Yu Zhao and Xiaoli Li and Lin Tu and Qin-Shi Zhao and Han-Dong Sun},
  journal={Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin},
  volume={53 12},
Two new icetexane diterpenoids, przewalskin C, D (1, 2), together with sixteen known diterpenoids, were isolated from Salvia przewalskii. Eight of known ones (compounds 3, 12-18) were reported firstly from this plant. To the best of our knowledge, it's the first report of icetexane diterpenoids from this plant. The identification and structural elucidation… CONTINUE READING