Two new coumarins from Herpetospermum caudigerum.

  title={Two new coumarins from Herpetospermum caudigerum.},
  author={M. Zhang and Yun Deng and Hongbin Zhang and Xiao-Lin Su and Hu-Lan Chen and T. Yu and Ping Guo},
  journal={Chemical \& pharmaceutical bulletin},
  volume={56 2},
The ethyl acetate extract from the seeds of Herpetospermum caudigerum was found to show protective effects on carbon tetrachloride (CCl(4)) and thioacetamide (TAA)-induced acute hepatic injuries in mice. From the ethyl acetate extract, two new coumarins, herpetolide A (1) and herpetolide B (2), along with four known compounds, herpetone (3), dehydrodiconiferyl alcohol (4), 2,4-dihydroxypyrimidine (5) and stigmasterol (6) were isolated. The structures of the new coumarins were elucidated on the… Expand
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