Two new HATNet hot Jupiters around A stars, and the first glimpse at the occurrence rate of hot Jupiters from TESS

  title={Two new HATNet hot Jupiters around A stars, and the first glimpse at the occurrence rate of hot Jupiters from TESS},
  author={G. Zhou and C. Huang and G. {\'A}. Bakos and J. Hartman and D. Latham and S. Quinn and K. Collins and J. Winn and I. Wong and G. Kov'acs and Z. Csubry and W. Bhatti and K. Penev and A. Bieryla and G. A. Esquerdo and P. Berlind and M. L. Calkins and Miguel de Val-Borro and R. W. Noyes and J. Lazar and I. Papp and P. S'ari and T. Kov{\'a}cs and L. A. Buchhave and T. Szklenar and B. B'eky and M. Johnson and W. Cochran and A. Kniazev and K. G. Stassun and B. Fulton and A. Shporer and N. Espinoza and D. Bayliss and M. Everett and S. Howell and C. Hellier and D. Anderson and A. Cameron and R. West and D. A. Brown and N. Schanche and K. Barkaoui and F. Pozuelos and M. Gillon and E. Jehin and Z. Benkhaldoun and A. Daassou and G. Ricker and R. Vanderspek and S. Seager and J. Jenkins and J. Lissauer and J. Armstrong and K. I. Collins and T. Gan and R. Hart and K. Horne and J. Kielkopf and L. Nielsen and T. Nishiumi and N. Narita and E. Pall'e and H. Relles and R. Sefako and T. G. Tan and M. Davies and R. Goeke and N. Guerrero and K. Haworth and S. Villanueva},
  journal={The Astronomical Journal},
  • G. Zhou, C. Huang, +68 authors S. Villanueva
  • Published 2019
  • Physics
  • The Astronomical Journal
  • Wide-field surveys for transiting planets are well suited to searching diverse stellar populations, enabling a better understanding of the link between the properties of planets and their parent stars. We report the discovery of HAT-P-69 b (TOI 625.01) and HAT-P-70 b (TOI 624.01), two new hot Jupiters around A stars from the Hungarian-made Automated Telescope Network (HATNet) survey that have also been observed by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite. HAT-P-69 b has a mass of 3.58^(+0.58)_… CONTINUE READING
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