Two merging galaxy clusters with very hot shock fronts observed shortly before pericentric passage

  title={Two merging galaxy clusters with very hot shock fronts observed shortly before pericentric passage},
  author={Tatiana F. Lagan'a and G. S. Souza and Rubens E G Machado and R. C. Volert and Paulo A. A. Lopes},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
We present a detailed analysis of two merging clusters, from XMM-\textit{Newton} X-ray archival data: PLCKESZ G036.7+14.9 ($z=0.15$; hereafter G036) and PLCK G292.5+22.0 ($z=0.30$; hereafter G292). We notice that the intracluster medium is heated as a result of the merger, and we find evidence for a merger shock in the region between both subcluster haloes. X-ray observations confirm that the shocks in these systems are among the hottest known in the literature. From the ICM analysis of… 


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