Two-membrane cavity optomechanics

  title={Two-membrane cavity optomechanics},
  author={Paolo Piergentili and Letizia Catalini and Mateusz Bawaj and Stefano Zippilli and Nicola Malossi and Riccardo Natali and David Vitali and Giovanni Di Giuseppe},
We study the optomechanical behaviour of a driven Fabry–Pérot cavity containing two vibrating dielectric membranes. We characterize the cavity–mode frequency shift as a function of the two-membrane positions, and report a ∼ 2.47 gain in the optomechanical coupling strength of the membrane relative motion with respect to the single membrane case. This is achieved when the two membranes are properly positioned to form an inner cavity which is resonant with the driving field. We also show that… CONTINUE READING