Two loop integrability for Chern-Simons theories with N = 6 supersymmetry

  title={Two loop integrability for Chern-Simons theories with N = 6 supersymmetry},
  author={J. A. Minahan and W. Schulgin and Konstantin Zarembo},
We consider two-loop anomalous dimensions for fermionic operators in the ABJM model and the ABJ model. We find the appropriate Hamiltonian and show that it is consistent with a previously predicted Bethe ansatz for the ABJM model. The difference between the ABJ and ABJM models is invisible at the two-loop level due to cancelation of parity violating diagrams. We then construct a Hamiltonian for the full two-loop OSp(6|4) spin chain by first constructing the Hamiltonian for an SL(2|1) subgroup… CONTINUE READING
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