Two iridates, two models, and two approaches: A comparative study on magnetism in three-dimensional honeycomb materials

  title={Two iridates, two models, and two approaches: A comparative study on magnetism in three-dimensional honeycomb materials},
  author={Eric Kin-Ho Lee and Jeffrey G. Rau and Yong Baek Kim},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Two recent theoretical works studied the role of Kitaev interactions in the newly observed incommensurate magnetic order in the hyper-honeycomb ($\ensuremath{\beta}\ensuremath{-}{\mathrm{Li}}_{2}{\mathrm{IrO}}_{3}$) and stripy-honeycomb ($\ensuremath{\gamma}\ensuremath{-}{\mathrm{Li}}_{2}{\mathrm{IrO}}_{3}$) iridates. Each of these works analyzed a different model ($JK\mathrm{\ensuremath{\Gamma}}$ versus coupled zigzag chain model) using a contrasting method (classical versus soft-spin analysis… 

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