[Two-dimensional pulse Doppler echography in chronic hepatitis].


A separate estimation of blood flow in the portal and hepatic veins using ultrasonic two-dimensional tomography and impulse Doppler echography of the liver was tried in 30 chronic sufferers with hepatitis versus 31 healthy controls. Two-dimensional impulse Doppler echography recorded the blood flow spectrum in the right hepatic vein at the site of its entering of vena cava inferior as well as in the portal vein at the portal fissure simultaneously with ECG. The index of portal blood flow and that of right hepatic vein flow in systole are proposed. The above method warrants a separate estimation of hepatic circulation in hepatic pathology whereas its combination with ultrasonic tomography increases its diagnostic potential at early stages of hepatic impairment. The analysis of the central and hepatic hemodynamics established hepatic circulation participation in regulation of central hemodynamics.

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