Two-dimensional photonic band structure effects in nanochannel glass materials

  title={Two-dimensional photonic band structure effects in nanochannel glass materials},
  author={Arnold Rosenberg and Ronald Joseph Tonucci},
  journal={CLEO '97., Summaries of Papers Presented at the Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics},
Measurements of earlier delays reveal a peak density N, 6 X l O I 9 cmp3, corresponding to an average argon ionization level of 2 = 6 estimated from the measured fill pressure. Measurements of the shock position versus time, presented in Fig. 2, show that after an initial rapid expansion and cooling period (a numerical code predicts T, dropping from -100 eV to -20 eV within -400 ps), the shock expands with an -6" dependence in good agreement with the expression for selfsimilar expansion of a… CONTINUE READING


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