Two-dimensional magnetotransport in a black phosphorus naked quantum well

  title={Two-dimensional magnetotransport in a black phosphorus naked quantum well},
  author={Vahid Tayari and Nicholas Hemsworth and Ibrahim Fakih and Alexandre Favron and Etienne Gaufr{\`e}s and Guillaume Gervais and Richard Martel and Thomas Szkopek},
  booktitle={Nature communications},
Black phosphorus (bP) is the second known elemental allotrope with a layered crystal structure that can be mechanically exfoliated to atomic layer thickness. Unlike metallic graphite and semi-metallic graphene, bP is a semiconductor in both bulk and few-layer form. Here we fabricate bP-naked quantum wells in a back-gated field effect transistor geometry with bP thicknesses ranging from 6±1 nm to 47±1 nm. Using a polymer encapsulant, we suppress bP oxidation and observe field effect mobilities… CONTINUE READING

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