Two-dimensional liquid chromatography study of the human whole saliva proteome.

  title={Two-dimensional liquid chromatography study of the human whole saliva proteome.},
  author={Phillip A. Wilmarth and Michael A. Riviere and D Leif Rustvold and Jeffrey D Lauten and Theresa E Madden and Larry L. David},
  journal={Journal of proteome research},
  volume={3 5},
The human whole saliva proteome was investigated using two-dimensional liquid chromatography (2-DLC). The 2-DLC study was able to identify, with high confidence, 102 proteins including most known salivary proteins (35), and a large number of common serum proteins (67). Peptides from proline-rich proteins, abundant in saliva, had unusual cleavage sites and were frequently only partially tryptic. Three proteins not previously observed in human saliva were also detected. Significantly greater… CONTINUE READING
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