Two-dimensional interacting self-avoiding walks: new estimates for critical temperatures and exponents

  title={Two-dimensional interacting self-avoiding walks: new estimates for critical temperatures and exponents},
  author={N. Beaton and A. Guttmann and I. Jensen},
  journal={arXiv: Statistical Mechanics},
  • N. Beaton, A. Guttmann, I. Jensen
  • Published 2019
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • arXiv: Statistical Mechanics
  • We investigate, by series methods, the behaviour of interacting self-avoiding walks (ISAWs) on the honeycomb lattice and on the square lattice. This is the first such investigation of ISAWs on the honeycomb lattice. We have generated data for ISAWs up to 75 steps on this lattice, and 55 steps on the square lattice. For the hexagonal lattice we find the $\theta$-point to be at $u_\mathrm{c} = 2.767 \pm 0.002.$ The honeycomb lattice is unique among the regular two-dimensional lattices in that the… CONTINUE READING
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