Two-dimensional crystallization and cryo-electron microscopy of photosystem II.

  title={Two-dimensional crystallization and cryo-electron microscopy of photosystem II.},
  author={Ken'ichi Nakazato and Chikashi Toyoshima and Isao Enami and Yasunori Inoue},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={257 2},
Two dimensional (2D) crystals of photosystem II (PSII) were obtained from n-heptyl-beta-D-thioglucoside-solubilized monomers of spinach PSII complex by conventional detergent dialysis. The 2D crystals were either large cylindrical vesicles (1 to 2 micrometer by 4 to 6 micrometer as flattened vesicles) or large monolayer sheets (ca. 1 micrometer X 1 micrometer), both suitable for cryo-electron microscopy. Images of unstained crystals embedded in ice were recorded using low-dose microscopy and… CONTINUE READING
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