Two-dimensional beam scanning antenna array with 90-degree SIW twist


In this paper, several two-dimensional multibeam antennas are presented based on the compact substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) twist technology. Firstly, four 90° couplers and four 90° SIW twists are combined to feed a 2×2 multibeam integrated antenna array. Simulated and measured results show that the gain of the antenna is larger than 8.5 dBi. The antenna beam scans at different angles in the two-dimensional plane excited at different ports. Then, a sixteen-beam two-dimensional multibeam antenna array is designed based on the 4×4 Butler matrix. Such a beamforming network (BFN) includes eight SIW Butler matrices and sixteen 90° SIW twists. Integrated with sixteen antipodal linearly tapered slot antennas (ALTSAs), several beams with different directions can be generated.

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