Two-dimensional Layered MoS2 Biosensors Enable Highly Sensitive Detection of Biomolecules

  title={Two-dimensional Layered MoS2 Biosensors Enable Highly Sensitive Detection of Biomolecules},
  author={Joonhyung Lee and Piyush Dak and Yeonsung Lee and Heekyeong Park and Woong Choi and Muhammad Ashraful Alam and Sunkook Kim},
  booktitle={Scientific reports},
We present a MoS2 biosensor to electrically detect prostate specific antigen (PSA) in a highly sensitive and label-free manner. Unlike previous MoS2-FET-based biosensors, the device configuration of our biosensors does not require a dielectric layer such as HfO2 due to the hydrophobicity of MoS2. Such an oxide-free operation improves sensitivity and simplifies sensor design. For a quantitative and selective detection of PSA antigen, anti-PSA antibody was immobilized on the sensor surface. Then… CONTINUE READING
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