Two-dimensional ECD FT-ICR mass spectrometry of peptides and glycopeptides.


2D FT-ICR MS allows the correlation between precursor and fragment ions by modulating ion cyclotron radii for fragmentation modes with radius-dependent efficiency in the ICR cell without the need for prior ion isolation. This technique has been successfully applied to ion-molecule reactions, Collision-induced dissociation and infrared multiphoton dissociation. In this study, we used electron capture dissociation for 2D FT-ICR MS for the first time, and we recorded two-dimensional mass spectra of peptides and a mixture of glycopeptides that showed fragments that are characteristic of ECD for each of the precursor ions in the sample. We compare the sequence coverage obtained with 2D ECD FT-ICR MS with the sequence coverage obtained with ECD MS/MS and compare the sensitivities of both techniques. We demonstrate how 2D ECD FT-ICR MS can be implemented to identify peptides and glycopeptides for proteomics analysis.

DOI: 10.1021/ac3004874

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