Two dimensional ${\cal N}=(0,4)$ quivers dual to AdS$_3$ solutions in massive IIA

  title={Two dimensional \$\{\cal N\}=(0,4)\$ quivers dual to AdS\$_3\$ solutions in massive IIA},
  author={Yolanda Casalod Lozano and Niall T. Macpherson and Carlos N{\'u}{\~n}ez and Anayeli Ramirez},
In this paper we discuss an infinite family of new solutions in massive Type IIA supergravity with AdS$_3\times$S$^2$ factors, preserving ${\cal N}=(0,4)$ SUSY. After studying geometrical aspects of the backgrounds we propose a duality with a precise family of quivers that flow to (0,4) fixed points at low energies. These quivers consist on two families of (4,4) linear quivers coupled by matter fields. We present various tests of our proposal. 

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