Two contiguous outbreaks of dengue type 2 in north Queensland.

  title={Two contiguous outbreaks of dengue type 2 in north Queensland.},
  author={Jeffrey N. Hanna and Scott A. Ritchie and Anthony D Merritt and Andrew F van den Hurk and Dr Audrey Phillips and Iwona Serafin and Robert E Norton and William J H Mcbride and Fergus Vincent Gleeson and M Poidinger},
  journal={The Medical journal of Australia},
  volume={168 5},
OBJECTIVES To investigate two outbreaks of dengue type 2 in north Queensland, one in the Torres Strait beginning in late 1996, the other in a Cairns suburb in early 1997. DESIGN Epidemiological investigation of all laboratory-confirmed cases of dengue, entomological investigation of the local environment, and laboratory analysis of the isolated dengue viruses. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Numbers of confirmed and of locally acquired cases; virus serotype; comparison of nucleotide sequences between… CONTINUE READING

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