Two component interacting bosons: 1-d exact results

  title={Two component interacting bosons: 1-d exact results},
  author={You-Quan Li and Shi-jian Gu and Zu‐Jian Ying and Ulrich Eckern},
  journal={arXiv: Strongly Correlated Electrons},
Motivated by the experiment of two-component Bose-Einstein condensates produced in magnetically trapped $^{87}Rb$, we study one dimensional Boson systems with repulsive $\delta$-function interaction in the presence of SU(2) intrinsic degree of freedom by means of coordinate Bethe ansatz. The ground state and low-lying excitations are solved by both numerical and analytical methods. It is shown that the ground state is an isospin-ferromagnetic state and the excitations are composed of three… 
Spin Dynamics and Andreev-Bashkin Effect in Mixtures of One-Dimensional Bose Gases.
The nondissipative drag effect, resulting from the Andreev-Bashkin current-current interaction between the two components of the gas, is quantified and it is shown that in the regime of strong coupling it causes a significant suppression of the spin-wave velocity.
High-order exceptional points in ultracold Bose gases
We show that arbitrarily-high-order exceptional points (EPs) can be achieved in a repulsively interacting two-species Bose gas in one dimension. By exactly solving the non-Hermitian two-boson
Partial Fermionization: Spectral Universality in 1D Repulsive Bose Gases.
The crossover from an ideal Bose gas to the strongly correlated, fermionized gas exhibits universal behavior, and the method provides predictions for excitation spectra that enable access to finite-temperature thermodynamics in large parameter ranges.
Interacting non-Hermitian ultracold atoms in a harmonic trap: Two-body exact solution and a high-order exceptional point
We study interacting ultracold atoms in a three-dimensional (3D) harmonic trap with spin-selective dissipations, which can be effectively described by non-Hermitian parity-time ($\mathcal{PT}$)
Universality and Quantum Criticality of the One-Dimensional Spinor Bose Gas.
In the Tonks-Girardeau regime, the universal contact develops a pronounced minimum, reflected in a counterintuitive narrowing of the momentum distribution as the authors increase the temperature, which signals the transition from the ferromagnetic to the spin-incoherent Luttinger liquid phase.
One-dimensional mixtures of several ultracold atoms: a review.
The recent advances on trapped Bose-Fermi mixtures are described, which allow for a theoretical combination of previous concepts, well illustrating the importance of quantum statistics and inter-particle interactions.
Dispersion relation of a polaron in the Yang-Gaudin Bose gas
We study a one-dimensional Bose gas with two internal states described by the Yang-Gaudin model and calculate analytically the dispersion relation of a polaron quasiparticle, which is the lowest
Exact result for the polaron mass in a one-dimensional Bose gas
We study the polaron quasiparticle in a one-dimensional Bose gas. In the integrable case described by the Yang-Gaudin model, we derive an exact result for the polaron mass in the thermodynamic limit.
Light cone dynamics in excitonic states of two-component Bose and Fermi gases
We consider the non-equilibrium dynamics of two-component one dimensional quantum gases in the limit of extreme population imbalance where the minority species has but a single particle. We consider
Correlation functions of one-dimensional strongly interacting two-component gases
We address the problem of calculating the correlation functions of one-dimensional two-component gases with strong repulsive contact interactions. The model considered in this paper describes


Quantum Inverse Scattering Method and Correlation Functions
One-dimensional Bose-gas One-dimensional Heisenberg magnet Massive Thirring model Classical r-matrix Fundamentals of inverse scattering method Algebraic Bethe ansatz Quantum field theory integral