Two candidate downstream target genes for E2A-HLF.

  title={Two candidate downstream target genes for E2A-HLF.},
  author={Hidemitsu Kurosawa and Kumiko Goi and Takeshi Inukai and Toshiya Inaba and K S Chang and Tetsuharu Shinjyo and Karen M. Rakestraw and Clayton W. Naeve and A Thomas Look},
  volume={93 1},
The E2A-HLF fusion gene, formed by the t(17;19)(q22;p13) chromosomal translocation, is thought to drive the leukemic transformation of early B-cell precursors by repressing an evolutionarily conserved apoptotic pathway. To test this hypothesis, we sought to identify downstream targets of E2A-HLF in t(17;19)+ pro-B leukemia cells (UOC-B1) that had been transfected with a zinc-inducible vector encoding a dominant-negative suppressor (E2A-HLF[dn]) of the oncoprotein. Representational difference… CONTINUE READING
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