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Two-arc-transitive bicirculants

  title={Two-arc-transitive bicirculants},
  author={Wei Jin},
  • W. Jin
  • Published 26 November 2022
  • Mathematics
. In this paper, we determine the class of finite 2-arc-transitive bicirculants. We show that a connected 2-arc-transitive bicirculant is one of the following graphs: C 2 n where n > 2, K 2 n where n > 2, K n,n where n > 3, K n,n − n K 2 where n > 4, B (PG( d − 1 , q )) and B ′ (PG( d − 1 , q )) where d ≥ 3 and q is a prime power, X 1 (4 , q ) where q ≡ 3 (mod 4) is a prime power, K 2 d q +1 where q is an odd prime power and d ≥ 2 dividing q − 1, AT Q (1 + q, 2 d ) where d | q − 1 and d ∤ 1 2… 

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