Two apparent molecular forms of bovine lactoferrin.

  title={Two apparent molecular forms of bovine lactoferrin.},
  author={Shuichi Tsuji and Yutaka Hirata and Kei Matsuoka},
  journal={Journal of dairy science},
  volume={72 5},
Bovine lactoferrin was prepared by CM-Sephadex column chromatography from defatted colostrum. When partially purified lactoferrin was analyzed by SDS-PAGE apparently two polypeptides of different size appeared. The polypeptides were transferred to a nitrocellulose sheet and visualized using antirabbit serum raised against the small polypeptide. Two polypeptides appeared clearly when stained by an immunological method. The color intensity of the two polypeptides was similar when the polypeptides… CONTINUE READING

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