Two accreting protoplanets around the young star PDS 70

  title={Two accreting protoplanets around the young star PDS 70},
  author={S. Haffert and A. Bohn and J. Boer and I. Snellen and J. Brinchmann and J. Girard and C. U. Keller and R. Bacon},
  journal={Nature Astronomy},
  • S. Haffert, A. Bohn, +5 authors R. Bacon
  • Published 2019
  • Physics
  • Nature Astronomy
  • Newly forming protoplanets are expected to create cavities and substructures in young, gas-rich protoplanetary disks1–3, but they are difficult to detect as they could be confused with disk features affected by advanced image analysis techniques4,5. Recently, a planet was discovered inside the gap of the transitional disk of the T Tauri star PDS 706,7. Here, we report on the detection of strong Hα emission from two distinct locations in the PDS 70 system, one corresponding to the previously… CONTINUE READING
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