Two Women, One Man: Knowledge, Power, and Gender in Medieval Sunni Legal Thought

  title={Two Women, One Man: Knowledge, Power, and Gender in Medieval Sunni Legal Thought},
  author={Mohammad H. Fadel},
  journal={International Journal of Middle East Studies},
  pages={185 - 204}
  • M. Fadel
  • Published 1 May 1997
  • History
  • International Journal of Middle East Studies
Many Muslim feminists have argued that at the core of Islam lies a gender-neutral belief system that has been obscured by a centuries-long tradition of male-dominated interpretation. Although this gender-neutral system of belief had been almost entirely suppressed by the ruling Islamic discourses, according to Leila Ahmed, marginalized discourses such as Sufism and the antinomian Carmathians were able to preserve Islam's message of the ethical equality of men and women. Amina Wadud-Muhsin… 

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Ḥadīth literature : its origin, development and special features

1.The Event of the 'Hadith' 2.The Companions 3.After the Companions 4.Categories of 'Hadith' Collections 5.Some Special Features of the Literature 6.The Biographical Dictionaries 7.The Disciplines of


Umm c Atiyya Nusayba bint al-Harith was also an Ansari companion of the Prophet. Several of her hadiths have been included in the works of al-Bukhari and Muslim: ibid

    Wa la rayba anna al-zann al-mustafad min shahadat mithl umm al-darda~' wa umm c atiyya aqwa min al-zann al-mustafad min rajul wahid dunahuma wa duna amthalihima (ibid

      nisa :> yata c adhdhar ghaliban huduruhunna majalis al-hukkam wa hifzuhunna wa dabtuhunna duna hifz al-rijal wa dabtihim