Two Types of El Nio Events: Cold Tongue El Nio and Warm Pool El Nio

  title={Two Types of El Nio Events: Cold Tongue El Nio and Warm Pool El Nio},
  author={J. Kug and F. Jin and Soon-Il An},
  journal={Journal of Climate},
  • J. Kug, F. Jin, Soon-Il An
  • Published 2009
  • Geology
  • Journal of Climate
  • Abstract In this study, two types of El Nino events are classified based on spatial patterns of the sea surface temperature (SST) anomaly. One is the cold tongue (CT) El Nino, which can be regarded as the conventional El Nino, and the other the warm pool (WP) El Nino. The CT El Nino is characterized by relatively large SST anomalies in the Nino-3 region (5°S–5°N, 150°–90°W), while the WP El Nino is associated with SST anomalies mostly confined to the Nino-4 region (5°S–5°N, 160°E–150°W). In… CONTINUE READING


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